Client Regains His Piece Of Land

Our client came to JCU complaining that in 2010, his uncles, encroached on 2 ½ acres of his land while he was away. Our client said he made several complaints to the clan leaders about the matter but his uncles did not respect the clans’ resolutions. He added that since then, he has not been on speaking terms with his uncles and several threats have been exchanged between them. Afraid for his life, the probability of losing his land and ruining the relationship with his uncles, he ran to Justice Centre Uganda for legal help.

Before the client came to JCU, his LCI Chairperson and some other people told him that JCU provided free legal service to people who were poor. He decided to visit the centre and after a short wait was given an advocate. 

The advocate in charge of his case gave him a letter inviting his uncles to a mediation meeting on November 27, 2013 at the JCU office. Our client thought they would not show up since they had on several occasions refused to honor the letters from the LCs and the clan. However, on that day, all parties came and mediation was conducted. A conclusion however, was not met and the JCU advocate advised the parties to reschedule another meeting. The second meeting was a success and the uncles agreed to give our client back his portion of land.

Our client thanked for its services, “I thank JCU for their services and they way you people do your work…when I was coming to your office, I was thinking of court because the clan members had tried to settle us but failed, I was now thinking of the next option which is court although I did not want court because it was going to take long for me to get my land back… but you advised me to go for mediations again and it worked this time… you have also helped us put to an end to a conflict that has been there for the past five years and it has been dividing  us as you saw the tempers earlier today”

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