Lost and Found (and set free)

Abraham*, a taxi conductor,

was entirely unsuspecting when he was arrested on a Sunday in August 2013, as he was heading to a taxi park. During his arrest, he was put on a police pickup truck where he found other suspects. They were all taken to Kampala Central Police Station and detained without making any statements. He spent two weeks at Kampala Central Police Station, and on August 26 was taken to Luzira Grade II Court. It was only there, that he learned he was charged with possession of narcotics; he pleaded innocent and was remanded in Luzira prison.

None of his relatives were aware of his detainment at Luzira prison and were therefore not able to help him. When JCU came to Luzira Remand in an outreach to prisoners, Abraham had lost all hope. Thanks to JCU, though, he was able schedule a meeting before his official appearance in court. The meeting led to the dismissal of his case a week before his court appearance.

Here is an appreciation note written by Abraham loosely translated from Runyankole:


To the Manager Justice Centres,

I am called Abraham and I am thanking Justice Centres for getting me out of prison where I had spent two months on remand for a case I did not know about. On that note, I call upon all people to support the work of Justice Centres Uganda to help them the way I was helped free of charge. 

 *Name changed to protect our client's privacy.


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