The Land is Hers – Young woman secures her Education

When our client, a young intelligent woman, came to our offices with a land succession claim, she had already run out of options. The land she had rightfully inherited from her late father, was being controlled by her uncles. Although our client had ownership of the land, her uncles stopped her from using it. 

She had wanted to sell a piece of her land to help pay for medical bills and her school fees. However, her uncles intervened and threatened the buyer of the land. This stalled the completion of the sale and during this time our client was unable to finish school, as she had no money.

To remedy the situation, JCU held a mediation session, where one of the uncles said he did not like what our client was doing with the land. He admitted that it belonged to her, but claimed she was too young to deal with it. JCU made it clear that our client had the right to the do whatever she pleased with the land even if they didn’t agree. In the end, thanks to JCU support, our client was able to enroll in her diploma program.

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