Mediation allows woman to get her share of the land

In June 2014, a woman approached the JCU Masaka Service Point reporting a land claim against her two uncles. She was a grandchild and dependent relative to her late grandmother who died in 2014, leaving an estate but no child. After her grandmother’s death, in total disregard of the fact that the client had grown up with the deceased, her uncles’ chased her away from the estate. The client approached JCU to help her recover her share of the deceased grandmother’s estate.

JCU invited all the parties for mediation on but none of the client’s uncles came. Never giving up, JCU adjourned the mediation and this time managed to get all parties together. That day, the matter was successfully resolved. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed and it was agreed that the client as a grandchild and dependent relative of her late grandmother was entitled to a share of her late grandmother’s estate. The client’s uncles agreed to compensate the client with a sum of UGX 430,000/= (four hundred and thirty thousand shillings) for expenses incurred in renovating her late grandmother’s house and as her share of the estate of her late grandmother. This payment was to be made in a lump sum, within a period of 2 months effective September 2014 to 30th October 2014.

The client was able to finally get a share of her late grandmother’s estate with the intervention of JCU.

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