Who can access JCU services?


During operations, JCU staff ask indigent persons to apply and then screen them to determine whether they qualify for legal aid as indigent persons. It was agreed that indigent persons would be selected by determining how much they earn to establish whether they can afford to pay for the service.

JC staff could also consider the cause of the indigence: for example if one is a widow or an orphan, which usually means that one is marginalized then it would add to their chances of accessing the service. It was also decided that a comprehensive Means and Merits Test (MMT) would be designed and applies to reach this decision. As it is, JCU listens to everybody that comes to the Centres, through an initial short  interview in order to determine who qualifies and who doesn’t. “ If one doesn’t qualify for some reason, they get the best available advise and or are referred to the best suited alternative.

There is no application process as such since we realize we are dealing with mostly illiterate disadvantaged people,” JCU National Coordinator, Birabwa-Nsubuga explains. 

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