Media Road Trip (Part 2): Tororo Justice Centre

Clients attending the While-You-Wait Session at Tororo Justice Centres (Photo: Edgar Kuhimbisa) Clients attending the While-You-Wait Session at Tororo Justice Centres (Photo: Edgar Kuhimbisa)


This is Part 2 of our Media Road Trip series that documents highlights of a visit to various Justice Centres Uganda service points and locations across the country by journalists from various media houses in April 2016.



At the Tororo Justice Centre, the media team participated in the “While-You-Wait” Programme which takes place every month. The “While-You-Wait” Program is organized by JCU to provide clients with basic information to the public about services offered by Justice Centres Uganda.  This nearly 2-3 hour activity is facilitated by JCU staff and from our observation was conducted in various languages (English and local dialects) to enable proper communication.


During this activity, the media had opportunities to interact with participants, JCU staff and officials of the Chief Magistrates court (located nearby). As was the case in Masaka, those we interacted with at Tororo Justice Centre cited land matters as the biggest issue that leads them to JCU to seek for legal services. However, many expressed support and goodwill toward JCU.


Of particular interest during our visit to Tororo Justice Centre was a curious case of a young school -going girl at the court who the media interviewed. She had come to court on a matter of child neglect that was before the Chief Magistrates Court. Her case was brought to the attention of Tororo Justice Centre staff for follow up. A few days later, it was reported in the media that an agreement had been reached between the parent and the court to provide fees for this young girl.


Later on in the afternoon, we visited Rubongi SSS for a school outreach programme facilitated by Justice Centres Uganda in the company of the Manager Tororo Justice Centre – Ms. Anna Rita Asiimwe and the Justice for Children Coordinator (Eastern Uganda).


The outreach sessions are an opportunity to sensitize students (majority of whom are juveniles) about issues of human rights and pass on essential life skills.


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